Hypnotherapy for the Yips @ Serenity

golfer3For a Golfer there are few more ruinous things than developing the yips. But help is at hand in the form of hypnotherapy.
Hypnosis works as the bridge between conditioned mental responses and physiological outcomes. In all of its automated responses the subconscious mind is the connection between the conditioned mental response and a muscular action.

Just the word Yips can strike fear into many golfers. Statistically speaking 33 per cent of golfers will experience the yips in some form, during their golfing career.

The yips are often classed as a psychological phenomena affecting golfers’ chipping and putting actions. They most commonly affect short putts; ranging from two to five feet in length. The yips have a severe impact – unwanted twitches, jerks and sometimes freezing over short chips and putts. This leads to unthinkable results. It can make the most experienced golfer look like a bumbling beginner.

The biomechanics of the yips golfer2

When we break down the yips we can better understand what is going on. Research into the yips has shown four key changes to the biomechanics of how we putt. Golfers with the yips tend to exhibit:

  • Increased muscle activity (tension) in their forearms
  • Increased grip force applied to the putter grip
  • Increased variability in wrist flexion/extension during putting
  • Greater putter face rotation through their putting stroke

Almost any sport or activity that relies on fine motor control can be a target for this issue whereby certain muscles refuse to cooperate thus sabotaging the intended movement. Darts players can find their fingers refusing to let go of the dart, a golfers putter hand can be hijacked by an uncontrolled movement at a crucial putt, musicians fingers can suddenly decide not to cooperate. The yips can strike right out of the blue seemingly from nowhere.


The Yips can affect anyone. From young players to the most experienced pros. By understanding the subconscious mind and automation, a hypnotherapist can help a client link the athlete’s mental game with their physical attributes and create a successful outcome.

Part of the suggested treatment includes relaxation and visualisation using hypnosis. Relaxation techniques in particular can help reduce anxiety, increase concentration and ease fear of the Yips.

Enquiries – Fiona.Maule@virginmedia.com or 07522 828067


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