Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Fiona and can’t recommend her highly enough. I gave up crisps and joined a gym after two sessions. And I’m one of those people who didn’t even think I could be hypnotised! So glad I was wrong – A-P T

I feel so relaxed after the sessions with Fiona and am now much more in control of my anxieties about flying – E McD

I saw Fiona for Insomnia, my sessions were wonderful and I am now on top of the problem and actually sticking to the plan and doing the self-hypnosis and its working. Such a relief to be able to sleep again.  AC

I have been seeing Fiona for Fertility issues, I am now more focused and positive about the future and so much more relaxed about my situation. EC.

I saw Fiona as I struggled to get pregnant even with IVF, Fiona worked with over a few months and I am now 7 months pregnant and ecstatically happy, I am continuing to see Fiona for hypnotherapy sessions as I would like to continue to feel calm throughout my pregnancy as I know this will also help my baby. L.T.

Client Feedback from Weight Loss Workshops
“I wasn’t sure how the sessions would be set up & if it would work but I’m really glad I gave it a go. The sessions were a great timeout from the everyday, giving me time to think about my goals. From the first session I felt really relaxed & positive. I made positive changes right away, being much more self-aware & mindful in my weight loss efforts. I’ve found this really useful & relaxing & have experienced good results so far. Fiona & Sarah were excellent during the sessions & have been very supportive since. I’d recommend this to anyone as part of their weight loss & fitness efforts. ” Stephanie R

‘Really loved the sessions, felt so relaxed, have never slept so well’  Linda A
‘At first I was apprehensive about being part of the group but ended up loving’ Elaine M
‘Noticed a significant change in my behaviour towards food after first week’ Claire R
‘lost 9lbs already and didn’t put any weight on over Christmas’ L McI

Client Feedback from De-Stress workshops
‘Wonderfully relaxing’
‘Out of this world experience’
‘Loved the Event, have never experienced relaxation like it’

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