Stop Smoking

Method Accredited to John Sellars Dip.Hyp, FSSCH


Stop Smoking in one Session £125

Smoking is a complex business with various components:

  • psychological dependence
  • physical addiction
  • sociological drivers
  • associative triggers

It sounds quite complicated. Fortunately, we can stop smoking by breaking everything down and dealing with all this in a single session –

Cigarettes are the delivery medium for nicotine – and nicotine is very addictive. This is very well proven and the World Health Organisation is in no doubt – the tobacco companies know this too – they certainly knew it way back in the 1960s (although they publicly denied it as that message would have run counter to their stated position that smoking was a life choice). Perhaps the last word on this should go to the lawyer acting for Brown & Williamson (a subsidiary of British American Tobacco) who  privately said: “Nicotine is addictive. We are, then, in the business of selling nicotine, an addictive drug.” Of course, when they were found out, the tobacco companies in the US ended up paying out $368 billion in health-related settlements. But they could afford it.

Physical Addiction: If we are to successfully stop smoking using hypnotherapy, then we must deal with this physical addiction. I must say that it took me quite some time to work out how to do this. For the technically-minded, we use a combination of psychological triggers and controlled recalls. This works very well although physical addiction is by no means the main component of smoking. However, we need to get this right, which is why the Stop Smoking treatment requires a double session. It should be noted that you cannot be addicted to any drug whilst there is not a sample of that drug in your body. As your body will be completely clear of nicotine after four days maximum, the physical addiction ends at that point.

Detoxification:  Various things can happen, although none of these might be present. You may get unpleasant tastes in your mouth or a mild cold – your system is purging the mucus and toxins. You may become light-headed as you now get more oxygen to your brain than previously.  Fortunately we can deal with this in the session in a relatively straightforward way. Of course, we must deal with it correctly as we know that people can restart smoking within a few days just to be rid of the light-headedness, which would be a pity if we had managed to clear out everything else.

Psychological Dependence: This phenomenon comes into the category of automatic behaviour.   We use a variety of techniques to neutralize the psychological dependence and what we use depends very much on your individual needs.

Method Accredited to John Sellars Dip.Hyp, FSSCH

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