Weight Loss Programme

Method Accredited to John Sellars Dip.Hyp, FSSCH

The Weight Loss Program takes a number of approaches, depending on your individual circumstances (age, weight, complications).

hypnosis for pain managemetnWe may take the approach of installing a Hypnotic Gastric Band (HGB) – just like a surgical Gastric Band but applied psychologically and without the risks. Your perception is your reality – if you believe that you are full, then you will stop eating. This is the principle of HGB and is clearly about Portion Control. hypnoticgastricband2

Weight Loss sessions are usually 3 sessions and Gastric Band 6 sessions

Combined with this – or more commonly instead of this, depending on your individual needs – we recognise that your eating  is a set of behaviours. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for modifying behaviours so that we can install new behaviours which means that you eat food which is enjoyable, satisfying, healthy and completely supports you in quickly reaching a healthy weight (BMI 18.50 to 24.99). In addition, it is important that you maintain your healthy weight by not really having to think about what you eat – these new behaviours have become automatic.

* Overweight and Obese: The World Health Organisation define these as when a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.50 and 24.99 = Overweight; BMI over 30.00 = Obese.

Where BMI = Weight Kg / (Height m) x (Height m)

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